A Kentucky Wedding.

This past weekend, I went to Cadiz, Kentucky to be apart of my BD’s wedding. My friend, Chelsea, came with me because it was such a LONG (9 hours) drive, and I was glad that I didn’t have to do that by myself. The weekend flew by, and I’m so glad that I could be apart of it. It wasn’t a typical, traditional wedding in anyway, but it was lots of fun.

Kenny and Kim got married in Cadiz (small, small, small town with very little cell phone reception) on Lake Barkley. It was SO beautiful. I really wasn’t expecting it to be as pretty as it was. We explored the town of Cadiz and saw lots of beautiful, old Victorian homes, and LOTS of farmland. We also went to the next “town” over, Hopkinsville, and saw more of the same. Miles and miles of farmland. So pretty, but I could never live there.

On the way there, passing through Chattanooga.
Nine hours later, and we’re here!
Woo-hoo, Kentucky!!
We all stayed in a HUGE lake house right on Lake Barkley.
They had the wedding in the backyard, with the lake behind us.
It was a beautiful day!
A country store on the side of the road on the way to the house.
Cute on the outside, not so cute on the inside.
We went to Lake Barkley State Resort Park.
So pretty. I would definitely come back there for vacation.
The view from the lodge at Lake Barkley State Resort Park.
This barn was on the road to the lake house.
I just loved it, and I made Chelsea take a picture for me. 🙂
At one point during the ceremony, there was a wasp on Kenny’s butt.
Kenny and Kim had no clue, and we were all dying laughing.
Finally, my aunt came up and hit it, but I love this picture of Emily and Meghan laughing at the wasp.
The first kiss as man and wife.
This picture makes me laugh so much.
Meghan turns away not to look.
My uncle, the one performing the ceremony, has a cheesy grin on his face.
My grandma, the lady in purple, isn’t looking either, and she looks a little upset.
It makes me laugh a lot!
Yay! They’re married!
Love this of Emily and me walking out!
Uncle Johnny, the preacher man, and me.
Thanks for coming with me! Couldn’t have done this without you!
My precious cousin, Jackson, and me.
He was the ring bearer, and he was SO cute.
We were doing the rehearsal, and he looks at me and says, “Do I have to hold the pillow the whole time? Because my hands are going to get really sweaty.”
Love him.
The wedding party, plus my cousin JP.
Somehow, we’re all related 🙂
I stood on his side at the wedding, with Jackson.
My mom looked at the pictures and she said, “Ashton, you were Kenny’s best man!”
Never thought I’d be someone’s best man in a wedding, but it was special to be up there with them! 🙂
All in all, a good weekend. Something I’m super thankful for, and something I know I’ll never forget. So glad that the Lord blesses me with the opportunities that He does.

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