HHI and other thoughts.

Last weekend, my parents and I had a little getaway to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for a few days. It was much needed, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to go to the beach for a few days. I haven’t been to the beach since last summer when I went with a group of friends from high school. I also haven’t really been on a family vacation since 2008, so it was nice to spend a few days with just my parents.

This was probably my tenth or so trip to HHI, and every time I go, I just fall in love with that island so much more. HHI is seriously a small island, 12 miles long and 5 miles wide. I live 5 miles from school. I could fit the island in that area—from my house to ASU. Crazy. It’s a touristy place for sure. Don’t go there if you aren’t willing to fight for a parking spot or wait a little while to get a table for dinner at any one of the 250 restaurants on the island. But, I love it.

There are bike trails everywhere you go. I mean everywhere. Out of all the times I’ve been to the island, I’ve never once ridden on one of those trails. So, seeing that riding my bike is one of the few exercises I can do right now, I took my bike with me and I rode it everyday. I loved it. If I lived there (my parents seriously consider moving there one day), I would use my bike to commute. So much easier and so much fun.

The town of Hilton Head has done a superb job at preserving the island. Everywhere you go, there are trees. The bike trails are covered with trees. There aren’t many (if at all) street lights because sea turtles will come out of the water to the lights, and well, we all know what would happen if a bunch of sea turtles came on the road while cars were passing by. The landscape is beautiful, the buildings are pretty, and the island itself is charming. I just love that island.

I drove down Thursday after class; my parents were already there. On my three hour trek (one that turned into four + some due to road work), I listened to a podcast by David Platt. It’s called “Singleness and the Next Generation”. Whether you’re married or single, go to iTunes right now and listen to it. So good.

I’ll admit, I’ve been struggling a LOT lately with the fact that I’m almost 20, and I’ve never dated anyone. A few of my good friends have told me to look at this as a blessing and to enjoy this time in my life. And I know that. I know that I should be thankful that I haven’t given my heart away to numerous boys and that I’m saving all of myself for that one guy (if the Lord allows). But, I’m a girl, this is the twenty-first century, and it’s hard. Really hard.

Platt’s message was so encouraging. It was based on 1 Corinthians 7, which is an intense text. Here are a few things he said that really stuck out to me.

“We reflect far more what the world says about marriage than what the Word says about marriage.” 
“Singleness portrays the person’s ultimate identity in Christ.”
“BOTH singleness and marriage are God’s gifts.”
“Wherever we find ourselves right now, married or single, we have a gift. Delight in where you are. Contentment is deep trust in God’s sovereignty.”
“Singleness has a purpose that we cannot squander away.”

My favorite:

“You are living for an eternal heritage that is not dependent on marriage.” 

I fully believe that there are people that God has called to live a single life. I also believe that there are people that God has called to live a married life. No matter what, I’m currently called to live that single life. I’m obviously not married right now, so the ONLY thing I can do, is be content (which is deep trust in God’s sovereignty) in where He’s got me right now and live my life for the glory of God. Platt has a phrase that he uses over and over again in lots of his sermons. It is, “Everything God does is for our good and His glory.” That’s the crux of it right there. Everything HE is doing in my life right now is for my good. It’s going to benefit me. Whether that means I end up married or not. He gets glorified, and that’s the main goal of everything I’m supposed to be doing as a follower of Christ.

“Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him.” – 1 Corinthians 7:17 


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