adios, dear summer.

i’m really sad that summer is over. even though my summer went completely OPPOSITE how i had planned (in more ways than one), i had such a good and memorable summer. i wouldn’t say it was my favorite summer (last summer still holds that title), but it was an unforgettable summer. i definitely won’t ever forget the summer that i broke my ankle!

classes start on monday, and i’m sort of in denial about that. i still haven’t bought my books. partially due to the fact that i think i might pass out when i have to buy them (why are college books SO dadgum expensive?!?). but also due to the fact that i just don’t want to go back to school. i’m not thrilled about classes, especially my one 8 a.m. class. i’m looking forward to my education classes, though, so hopefully that will get me through the semester ๐Ÿ™‚

i’ve been doing a few “projects” around the house lately, and i’m getting into this whole “Do-It-Yourself” type projects that are cheap and fun to do!

this wasn’t too complicated of a project (it just involved going to Hobby Lobby…twice).
i just love mason jars, and i got this idea from a blog somewhere.
in my room at my parents’ house, i had TONS of pictures up.
like all over every single wall. seriously.
i didn’t want to crowd all the walls at my house, but my office needed a few more pictures.
so, i bought a few cork boards at Target, and i pinned a few pictures on them.
this is my most creative/time-consuming project yet.
it’s a plastic bag holder, and i made it (with a little help from my mom)!
it cost all of $6 for fabric, elastic, and ribbon for my mom and i to both make one.
i love it, and every time someone comes over, i show it to them ๐Ÿ™‚
this kid is leaving for Statesboro next week, and both Chelsea and i are pretty sad.
we’re excited for Drew, but we’re going to miss our dear friend!
we hung out last night, just the three of us, and i won’t forget that night!
thankful for them both!
rooms + sweet/favorite neighbor + macs.
if you come over to our house, be sure to bring your mac, and we’ll have a little party ๐Ÿ™‚
and yes, this is our kitchen floor.
why, you ask? why not, i say.
i’m going to the beach NEXT weekend with the family, and i’m thrilled. this body has worn a bathing suit literally FOUR times since the end of last semester. FOUR times. there is something SO wrong with that (it’s mainly because of the fact that i broke my ankle and couldn’t really relax at the pool or beach with a boot on my foot). so, hopefully i can double that number next weekend. love me some hilton head, and i’m so ready to get out of augusta for a few days!
my BD is getting married in September in Kentucky, and i’m going to “stand up” at the wedding with my sort-of soon-to-be step-sisters. i have no easy way of explaining what Meghan and Em are to me, but soon they’ll be BD’s step-daughters. but, i’m excited about seeing the family, going to a new state, and spending 9.5 hours each way in the car with C-Dawg (hopefully).
i spent some time today going through some Bible studies that i had participated in during my middle school years (i just CAN’T think about school starting!). but, it was a good thing, and it was crazy how some of the things we discussed back then are things that i’m dealing with and struggling with right now. but, i found a quote by my old Bible study leader/mentor, and i’ll end with it. it really hit me today, and i love it.
“Once we see things the way Jesus does, we begin to understand His heart. When we begin to understand His heart, then we will be as motivated as He was.” – B. Allenย 

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