it’s Monday…

…and I’m pooped.

I had my first “sleepover” at my house last night. It was super fun! We stayed up to see the Panama team come home, so we turned it into a sleepover. The team was supposed to get back at 1, but it turned out to be around 2:40 because of some bad weather in Miami. Needless to say, when my alarm went off at 7 this morning for work, I was beat. But, we had a blast hanging out, and I’m so glad that the sweet Panama team is home!

Andddddd, my best friend Caroline is home from camp! She came over and hung out with us last night, and I so enjoyed her presence!

We made some cupcakes to keep us up and give us something to do!
SUPER excited she’s home…even if it is only for a week or so.
Best friends ever.
12 years later and we’re still friends 🙂
Also, go check out the awesome giveaway at Pitter Patter Art. I really want to win it, but even if I don’t, it’s an awesome piece of art! It has some Mumford and Sons lyrics on it, and I absolutely love it!

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