Best Friends.

Over the years, I’ve had a few people enter into my life that I would consider some of the best friends I’ve ever had. They have helped me through the years, listened to my problems, have given me advice, made me laugh until my sides hurt, and so much more. I can’t begin to imagine life without them, and even though we have had some fights over the years, the Lord has blessed us so much and has restored these friendships to be greater than they were before.

Two specific ladies have been in my life for a long time. I met Chelsea the summer after second grade, and we have been best friends ever since, so for twelve years now (give or take a few months). She’s been the person that I tell everything to, that makes me laugh over stupid stuff, and is there for me all the time. We met Caroline in sixth grade, and in middle school, we thought she was a nerd (she sort of was). But, for some reason, she was always with us. And, through our high school years, we all became really close, despite the fact that we went to three different high schools. I began to really cherish both of these friendships, and I’m so glad and thankful to say that even through our first year of college, the three of us are all still close. And still best friends.

Chelsea and I both live in AUG and go to school together, but dear Caroline is in Auburn. And this summer she’s been in Missouri working at a camp. I miss her. I love these ladies lots. Here are some pictures that show our friendship from over the years…

Chelsea + I at Carowinds, during freshman year. 
We sure do look young AND rough!
Caroline + I during the fall of 2007.
Myrtle Beach trip, summer 2008.
Caroline + I on the same beach trip.
We stopped at the most SOUTHERN diner ever for lunch. 
Such funny memories from that place and trip!
When the trio started to really become a trio, winter 2008.
New Year’s Eve, 2008. 
Just a few minutes before my birthday!
A random summer night, 2009.
Carowinds trip with Caroline, summer 2009.
Chelsea + I in Daytona Beach, FL at summer camp, 2009.
Trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, summer 2009.
Senior Lock-In at church, a few days before we started our senior year.
Caroline + I on fall retreat in Cherokee, NC. 
Chelsea + I on ski retreat in West Virginia. 
Graduation Sunday at church.
Shopping in the markets in Panama City, Panama. 
On the way to Carowinds, summer 2010.
Reunion weekend, after college had started.
Love you ladies so much. Thanks for being apart of my life!

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