they left me.

So, this morning, my parents left for the beach. Without me.

This isn’t too unusual. They’ve gone to HHI plenty of times without me. They went last month. Ever since I started driving, they started going to the beach while I was at summer camp or during other times in the year. I usually don’t mind. I’m not a huge beach fan, especially when all they do is sit at the beach all day long. But, this time was a little different, and I was slightly offended yesterday afternoon when my mom told me she and my dad were off for the rest of the week because they were probably going to the beach.

Why was I (and still am) offended you ask? BECAUSE I’M STUCK IN THIS BOOT AND CANNOT DRIVE.

Seriously, if I get stuck somewhere, who is going to pick me up if my parents are three hours away? And, I guess there is a part of me that just wants to get out of this town. Okay, there’s a HUGE part of me that wants to get out of the good ol’ AUG. Their reasoning for not taking me? Someone has to take care of the dog, and naturally that would be me. Thanks, Carter and Robin. Preciate it.

On another note, I went to the doctor yesterday, and my ankle is “healing properly”. I go back in three weeks, and hopefully a week after that I get to take the boot off. I’m so ready to get this thing off and be able to drive. Not only do I hate asking people to pick me up or take me home, but I really miss my alone time in the car. I do all of my thinking then. And I miss listening to what I want to listen to in the car. And I really miss my car smelling like a girl. Silly boys and their smells. I really, really miss driving.

Last week was VBS, and I got to be in a first grade classroom. They were so much fun! One of my boys gave ALL of his piggy bank money to our missions offering, and I was so blessed by his obedience to the Lord. I also had one of my favorite kiddos ever in my class, Sarah Beth. SB’s mom is Casie’s best friend (Casie is my old boss/big sister, etc). I love SB. She’s one of the cutest and most hilarious kids I’ve ever met. She was also in my small group, and I loved getting to spend time with her!

SB and me at crafts one day! 
There were lots and lots and lots of high school and middle school events last week and this week, so as interns, we spent TONS of time with students (and hanging out without them). I love hanging out with students and getting to do life with them. That’s the whole reason of getting to be an intern–being able to love on students and show them the love of Christ. I just so love it. Anyway, last Saturday we went to a Green Jackets game, and it was lots of fun…until a huge storm came and we had to leave during the third inning. It was still a good night though, and we ended up hanging out at my house to escape the storm (there’s something up with GA and these random storms we keep having).
Clara, Leah, Tyler, and I at the game.
One student, three interns…like I said, us interns like hanging out together!
(There were more students there; one even took this!) 
Tomorrow we have a small group leadership dinner to get ready for the fall. I’m really excited because the youth group is shifting into separate middle and high school ministries, and we’re going from Sunday school classes to table groups. This allows a leader to really get involved in the lives of students on a more personal level, and I’m super pumped because I get to be one! I’m more than likely starting with a group of eighth graders, staying with them for a year, and then getting a group of sixth graders next year to have for three years. I can’t wait to really have my own small group of girls to pour into.
The Lord’s been teaching me LOTS this summer, and even though it’s not what I had planned originally, I’m grateful for what He’s doing in my life this summer.

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