i really think God has a sense of humor.

i mean, He has to. if we’re all created in HIS image, wouldn’t HE be funny if there are people made by Him that are hilarious? God has been doing some things in my life lately that just make me want to laugh!

first, i break my ankle. i mean, who does that besides me? i’m a huge klutz, and i would be the one to go away for six weeks only to come home three days later with a broken ankle. God had me laughing a little bit there.

then, i come home only to hang out with some people that i don’t really know all that well. i’ve been hanging out with people that i never ever dreamed of hanging out with let alone having them come to my house for dinner. God’s sense of humor is just getting to me these days.

besides those things plus a few more, God’s just been throwing me some curveballs lately in this game called life. my summer is going in the complete opposite direction of how i planned, and i’m honestly okay with that. i don’t know what to do in some ways, but at the same time, i’m loving just hanging out and going with the flow.

i’m learning to be okay and content with the people God has in my life right now, for this season. even though i don’t know why on earth they’re in my life right now, i’m cool with it. God’s teaching me lots of things, and He’s having me walk through this time for a reason. i think His sense of humor–or irony–has something to do with it. and that’s fine by me.


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