"so, like what are you going to do now?"

this was a question asked by one of the interns today at lunch. he politely asked me what i was going to do with my summer now that i’m not at camp. my answer: i have no idea. 

and i really don’t. i can’t drive, and i can barely work because i wasn’t scheduled to work so i have to take random shifts when they give them to me. i can’t go anywhere unless i know i’ll have a ride to and from wherever i’m going, and that’s already been a hassle/struggle. i don’t know what i’m going to do.

i got home Tuesday, and Leah and Tyler, my youth pastor’s brother, came over. Tyler’s driving my car for the next few weeks, and Leah was bringing him over so that he could get it. they spent a few hours with me, and it was lots of fun! i was really thankful they could come over. on Wednesday, i spent the morning trying to get an appointment with the ortho doc here in town, and once i finally got one, my mom and i spent over 2 hours waiting to be seen. i got a boot (hallelujah) that i have to wear for six weeks. i’m just so happy it’s not a cast and crutches! my mom took me to Leah, and we went and hung out with Micah, my youth pastor’s wife, for the night. Tyler picked me up this morning, and i interned all day. i’m at home now with my foot propped up because it hurts a lot!

i’m having to really trust that God knows what He’s doing. i hate asking people for rides, and i feel like i’m such a huge inconvenience. plus, i can never go anywhere on my time. so i can’t just run to the store if i feel the need. i’m already ready for these six weeks to be over.

i think i’ll spend a lot of time interning and hanging out in the student office. i’m thinking about moving into my house because i’ll be ten times closer to everything then at my parents’ house. i have no clue what God’s doing, but i’m clinging to the promise that He has a plan for me and a hope and future.

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