for the next six weeks…

…i won’t be seeing this sweet boy:

got to pick this boy up from “school” (Mother’s Day Out) yesterday. 
wasn’t too excited to see me, but was thrilled to see “Luce” (my dog, Lucy).
oh well, i got a kiss and a “squeeze” (hug) out of it anyway!
i won’t be making random shopping trips with this girl:
we wore the same shirt on the day they all left for camp!
minutes after this was taken i cried.
excited to hear the stories, sad to not be apart of it, 
ready for where God takes me while at CCC.
i won’t be staring at this sucker from 12-6 on Wednesdays and 12-7 on Fridays:
the elevator directly across from the front desk at work. 
let’s just say i’m NOT too sad about not seeing this for the next six weeks. 
i won’t have to fold these:
the bucket full of clean towels at work that i folded this afternoon.
again, not real sad about this one either. 
i won’t be seeing the girl who did this superb parking job last night at Target:
nice, MB. 
made me smile. 
i won’t be seeing this lovely place:
my room at my new house.
*still a work in progress*
i won’t be seeing any of the things mentioned above or any of my friends and family, but i WILL be seeing God work in some cool ways.  i’m so pumped about that!  if you have a free minute or two, please lift me up over the next six weeks.  i know i’ll need it!  thanks, friends!
i made this for Leah the other day:
she wanted it to say “Pass It On”, so no, 
I didn’t accidentally put a “T” in the middle of passion like my mom thought I did. 
i did this with pastels, and i’m really proud of the way it turned out!
*all photos taken via BlackBerry. 

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