what’s done of the to-do/an update or two.

I have almost finished my camp book (yeah, I’m a major procrastinator).  but, I’ve got one section left, and I plan on reading all day tomorrow at work.I have almost moved all of my clothes to my new house.  what’s left now is what I’ll be wearing for the next few days and what I still need to pack for camp.

I have not started Radical Together by David Platt (I plan on bringing it to camp and reading it on the weekends).  I have, however, read four books by Jenny B. Jones in the past ten days or so.  I’m a sucker for Christian fiction, and she’s a superb writer.  I’ve laughed a lot while reading her books!

I decided not to buy a laundry basket, because I like the one my grandma had at her house, so I’ll just use that.  I do still want to buy an apron, but I think that will just wait until after camp.
I have burned some CDs of some summer tunes, some new Christian stuff, and a country album to have while traveling to and from camp.  I have not burned any CDs of podcasts yet, but I’ve been listening to a bunch by David Platt while at work lately.  I’m loving his series “Biblical Manhood and Womanhood” which discusses how we should act as men and women of God, and how we should view and treat others because of what the Bible says.  It’s awesome.  Free podcasts on iTunes (The Church at Brook Hills) that you should DEFINITELY get!I’m going to turn off my MacBook on Saturday morning, slip it into my case, and put it on the bookshelf in my parents’ office.  My mom and dad are both PC users, so I need not worry about them doing anything to it (haha).

I have listened to Mumford and Sons, but I still don’t know if I like them or not.

I DID spend a lovely Friday morning with my nephews!!  I had such a good time with them (oh, how I love those boys!).  I also get to see them on Thursday, so I’m pumped about that.  On top of spending time with them, I got to spend time with my Janik fam, that I absolutely adore, yesterday.  I just can’t believe I won’t be seeing everyone for six weeks!I plan on spending all my free time on Thursday packing! I’ve been gathering up stuff for the past few days, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a pain.

I have been hanging out with my friends a lot, especially this girl.
Today was Leah’s 20th birthday, and I got to spend almost the whole day with her in the youth office getting ready for camp! Hope your day was great; love you bunches!
Updates and Such:
I’ve been learning a ton these past few weeks, especially while having the privilege to be an intern in the student office.  Like I said, today we spent all day working on camp stuff, and a few times I was struck with sadness about the fact that I’m not going.  I’ve been so excited about going to CCC for the summer, that I haven’t thought about what I’ll be missing out on.  I’m missing baby Joe’s dedication, lots of youth events, summer free time, and much more.  I know that the Lord has ME going to Asheville for a reason, and that He has my friends in Augusta for a reason.  I’m having to trust that He wants me there more than I want to be home with my friends.  God’s going to do stuff in my life AND in the lives of my loved ones back home.  He’s taking me out of this town so that He can teach me something that He can’t teach me there, just like He has them here so that He can teach them things that He can’t teach them elsewhere.
I said my first “goodbye” to some friends yesterday, and I’ve got a few more to say tomorrow.  I seriously might cry tomorrow.  But, I plan to hang out with some other friends tomorrow night and Thursday, and I’ll spend time with my parents on Friday.  I’m so ready to see what God does in my life at camp and hear about what He does back home.



One thought on “what’s done of the to-do/an update or two.

  1. This is incredible… I just want to say how thankful I am to have someone like you in my life. a pure spirit who loves Jesus and loves me too 🙂

    I'm going to be praying for you every single day!!

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