today i caved.

i had this brilliant idea to only drink water this year.  no coke, no sweet tea, only water.  milk and juice only every now and then, and maybe, maybe coffee.  i’ve had maybe 8 cups of coffee this year, and that’s pushing it.  i’ve seriously only had water for the past 5.5 months.

until today.

i went to the church to intern in the student office, and our youth pastor, Grant, had me go run an errand.  this is pretty typical, but today i had to take his truck because i had to get something from Lowe’s that wouldn’t fit in my car.  he also told me that i had to act really girly so that the people at Lowe’s would help me with the stuff i needed.  no problem.  i legit had a guy doing whatever i needed.  he even walked out with me to put the insulation (4 pieces of 2×8) in the truck.  when he saw i had parked on the other side of the building, he asked me to drive up in the loading area.  not a problem, right?


i go to back up the truck, and it’s a tight spot.  i back up and all of a sudden, “BOOM!”.  i hit something. something that would be another truck.  after i pull back in my spot, i get out to survey the damage.  two bystanders look with me and tell me that all i did was hit my hitch against the other truck’s hitch.  i’m thankful, yet still nervous, so i quickly write a note to the owner of the other car (i’ve yet to hear from him, thankfully).  i get my insulation loaded up, and i head back to the church, all the while on the verge of tears.  then, to make it worse, on my less than three-mile drive back to the church, i’m at a stoplight and some of the insulation almost FLIES OUT OF THE BED OF THE TRUCK.


so, i throw the truck into park, put my flashers on, run out and try to get this stuff to stay in the bed securely.  i drive really slowly the rest of the way back, park, walk up to the student office, and cry as i tell the other interns and youth pastors about what happened.  after getting me calmed down, i take my lunch break with my mom and tell her all about it (her major complaint is about the guy at Lowe’s not tying down the insulation for me).  then, before heading back to the office, i go to get my wart frozen off.

for the fourth time.

i’ve had a wart on the bottom of my foot since last SEPTEMBER.  seriously, nine months.  it’s been a pain in my…….you get the point.  then, i go to the doctor, and she tells me that “it’s inhumane to freeze it off because you want be able to walk”.  as she explains that i’m just going to have to wait and basically deal with it for the next two months while i’m at camp and she’s on vacation, the thought crosses through my mind.

i need a coke.

so, i head to McDonald’s after the appointment and order a large coke with no ice.  let me tell you, there are only three things i like at McDonald’s: apple pies, egg mcmuffins, and cokes.  i love fountain cokes, and McDonald’s has the best.  i took a huge sip, and boy, it was ridiculously refreshing.  it was so worth it. and i’m not at all upset that i caved.  i’m never letting coke out of my sight ever again.


One thought on “today i caved.

  1. This made my morning. Not because all of the horrible stuff you went through, but because I can picture you doing all of this. I love you & I hope to day is a better day.

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