i love being Ash Ash.

seriously, every single time i hear Jack say “Ash Ash”, my heart melts a little bit.  i so love this boy, and i love getting to spend time with him, especially when it’s just the two of us.

this morning, i watched him and baby brother (“Joe Joe” as Jack likes to call him) for about three hours.  props to all the mommas who stay home all day long with children that small.  i’m so reconsidering my ideas for a huge family.  maybe if my kids are spread out a bit??  that’s forever away, so i’ll worry about that once i actually find a boy to marry me.

anyway, Joe slept for a while, so Jack and i got to eat breakfast together, watch TV, and even have a tickle fight or two.  he was ridiculously sweet, and it took everything in me to get up and see to Joe when he started screaming (and boy, is he ever a screamer!!).  so, before the chaos ensued when Joe woke up and they were both wanting my attention, i took a few photos of the Jackers.

my personal favorite:

when i left, this was the conversation between me and Jack.  cracked me up.
“Bye, buddy.” – me
“Bye, Ash Ash.” – Jack
“I love you, Jack.” – me
“I love you, Jack.” – Jack 
shows you who is real first love is, doesn’t it? 🙂 

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