to do.

maybe if i write it on here, then it will actually happen. things to do in the next seventeen days/before i leave for camp…

1. finish the book that i have to read before i go to camp.  tres importante!!
2. move all of my clothes from my parents’ house to my new house.
3. read Radical Together by David Platt.
4. buy an apron and a laundry basket.
5. burn some CDs of music/podcasts to listen to on my way to camp and back home.
6. find a secure place to put my MacBook for six weeks so that it stays safe.
7. listen to Mumford and Sons some more and decide if i really like them or not.
8. spend time with the nephews (this will be done on Friday!).
9. PACK (hopefully i won’t forget anything necessary to life).
10. hang out with friends/family that i won’t see while i’m gone.

planning on getting all of these things done!!!!

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