this is a post full of randoms. complete and crazy randoms.

on Saturday, i spent the day at the lake with some of my favorite people ever.  props to my friend, Cole, who got his dad to bring his boat out for us so we could tube AND had some sweet connections so that we could use a friend’s house and not have to pay $$$$ to go out on the lake.  we had a blast just hanging out, and thankfully the rain held off until we were on our way back into town.

i leave for camp in 19 days. i cannot believe it’s that soon.  i have so many things to do before then, like finish reading the book that we’re supposed to read if we’re new counselors.  i’m actually really enjoying the book a lot!!!

i really, really, really want to win this from Pitter Patter Art.  Laura Kelley is an artist in Nashville, and she creates and designs all sorts of awesome things.  she’s made a few gifts for me before, and i just love her work.  to top it all off, her proceeds are going to support the adoption costs for a little boy she and her husband are adopting.  being adopted and all, i just love that!! so, again check out Pitter Patter Art. you won’t regret it!

i listened to an a.m.a.z.i.n.g podcast by David Platt yesterday. love this quote, “Our greatest need is NOT thoughts from men but truths from God.”  and there are many more, but that was one of the points i loved the most.  that no matter what you’re going through in life, the Bible is ALL you need.  i think we all get caught up in Christian books a lot of the time, but in reality if we never had Christian books and all we had was the Bible, we’d be fine.  i’m super guilty of this, so i really loved this reminder that David Platt brought about yesterday.

i’m moving lots and lots of stuff into my new house. YAY! i’m so excited about this, and i plan on moving in completely after camp.

have a fabulous week!!


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