crazy changes.

currently, i’m looking online at websites that sell wall art.
earlier tonight, i went to lowe’s to buy paint and get a key made.
tomorrow, i’m going all around augusta to look for some furniture.

before you can ask why, i’ll tell you.
i’m moving.

only three miles down the road, but i’m still moving.
it’s so weird to me.
to imagine not living in the only house i ever remember living in.
to not seeing my parents pretty much every day.
to being responsible for a whole house plus some expenses.

i won’t officially move in until after camp this summer.
but, i’m currently renovating/updating the house with my parents.
i’m super excited, but it’s just so WEIRD.

a few other updates:

i went to a simulcast of Secret Church on Good Friday.
WOW. that’s all i can say.
another post to come later on that.

i got to see some best friends this weekend!
always love that.

i have 2 days of classes left and 2 days of finals left of freshman year.
i’m so ready to be done!

looking forward to what God has in store for me, even if it involves some crazy weird changes in my life.

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