the past two weeks or so, i’ve been learning a thing or two about trust. i think that trust has a lot to do with control. i’m a leader at heart; i love to be in charge of events and things, so i’ve always dealt with having to trust people. it’s been a hard issue for me all through life. in high school, i had to trust that people would come through with things that they committed to. i had to trust that things would get finished when they were supposed to because of positions that i held. (looking back, i made such an unnecessary big deal about things!). but, i still have had to learn to trust people.

recently, there was a person in my life who had my complete trust. then tons and tons of drama happened, too much for me to ever want to get into ever again, and he lost all of the trust i had for him. there’s been another friend in my life who has started to trust me again. i, not being perfect and being 100% human, hurt her a while back. the Lord taught BOTH of us a lot through that, and has been blessing me with her sweet and loyal friendship lately. so, trust has been a big thing in my life in the past few months.

a few nights ago, i was lying in bed thinking about all the things i need to finish before the semester was over. tests and papers and projects and the dreaded finals. i started to freak out. i began pouring my heart to the Lord about all these things plus some relationships in my life that just need some work. it was so cool because the Lord just said, “Ashton, stop worrying. I’ve got this. You don’t know what your future holds. Trust in Me. I’m in control.” 

it’s so hard for me to just trust. but, i know that’s what i’m called to do. i’m trusting in God about my relationships with my friends and family, with my grades, with housing situations for next year, with my major, with working at Camp Cedar Cliff this summer, with EVERYTHING. i encourage you to do the same!

on a side note, i encourage you to go check out one of my best friend’s most recent posts here. very encouraging!


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