some things i’m learning.

today, i had a crazy day. i overslept my first class (i sure did feel like i was in high school again!) so i didn’t have another class until one. i’m probably didn’t manage my time wisely, something i’m working on, so this morning was sort of a rush to get ready, finish some homework, and make it to class on time. (story of my life).

so, i go to statistics, and the whole time my professor teaches us about stuff that i have already learned. (i’m starting to wish i had paid more attention in AP stat senior year). anyway, i come home, change real quick so i can wear my galoshes, because apparently augusta has become the portland of the south this week, (dear rain, please go away!) and finish up a French project rather quickly. then, i log on to iChat to talk with my friends, Corey and Caroline.

we all catch each other up on life in general, and then Corey asks me what it is the Lord is teaching me in my life. i thought about DNOW and how i learned a lot that weekend. but, as i was talking, something else hit me from that weekend.

i remember standing in the back of the room during the invitation time and worshipping. songs like “Our God” and “With Everything” were being played, and i was loving every minute of it. i love those songs and they hold special memories for me from times where the Lord really worked in my life in awesome ways. but as i was singing, the Lord kept telling me, “Don’t think about Panama or last semester. Those songs have words in them that still ring true today.”

today, it hit me. over the past few months, instead of worshipping the Jesus that those songs talk about, i’ll worship the experience. i’ll let emotions and memories overwhelm me and be caught up in that instead of in our Savior! it was such a cool thing to learn!!

hopefully, i’m headed to Athens tomorrow with my friend Leah to see our friend Hannah. oh, and did i forget to mention? i’m on SPRING BREAKKKKKKK 🙂

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