this week…

i’m dreaming of going to Europe with one of my best friends, Leah. we’re history and travel nerds, and we both have a huge desire to hit up Europe for a little while. plans for summer 2012? i think so 🙂

i’ve been spending a lot of time looking up information about this Rob Bell/Universalism situation. i found this by David Platt very encouraging and convicting. check it out!

i was also challenged in my English class the other day to know my Scriptures better. my English professor is this amazing, intelligent man. he’s very interesting, and he makes class entertaining. on more than one occasion, he has mentioned how his parents are the typical people that go to church every Sunday because that’s how they were raised, yet they don’t really practice what they talk about. they’re hypocrites, more or less. it hurts my heart every time i hear him talk about how he wants nothing to do with the faith of his parents. anyway, he knows his Scriptures very well; maybe even better than i do, i hate to admit. based on a class discussion the other day, i became encouraged to KNOW my Bible so well so that once something like this happens again, i can really “defend” my faith.

i’ll end with some exciting news: nephew #2, Joe Carlisle, will be here next Tuesday or Wednesday! YAY!!

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