D-NOW Weekend!

Well, I just got up from a two hour nap that was much needed after this past weekend. I had the awesome and incredible opportunity to get to lead 7th Grade Girls at D-NOW this weekend! It was amazing. I absolutely fell in love with these girls, their vivacity for life, and their love for each other. They were so fun. 

One of my girls, Rachel, and me. LOVE her!!
I also got the sweet surprise to get to see one of my dear friends, Mollie Kate a.k.a. MKate. I found out she was going to be a leader last week, so I was super excited to get to see her because it’s been forever! It was great because once we hugged and reunited, it was like all these past few months were gone, and we picked up right where we left off! I was grateful to catch up, get quite a few hugs in, and be loved on before she had to go back to Athens 🙂
Oh, how I love me some Mollie Kate!
I didn’t really think that I would grow this weekend; I just thought that I would teach. But, the Lord sure proved me wrong. He showed up in my life in so many cool ways. One in particular was on Saturday night, our church was having a rally and all the leaders had been asked to go in the back of the room so that if anyone had a decision that needed to be made, they could come back and talk to their leader. There were about twenty or thirty of us, and we all spread out, and just worshipped. We moved and sang and cried out to God.
As I was standing there, in the very back of the room, praising Jesus, I begged for Him to move. I was watching as students came and grabbed their leaders to talk, and I just kept begging. And then the Lord said to me, “Ashton, what if I’m going to move, but it won’t be through you? What if I show up to your girls, but you won’t be the one they go to talk to? Will you still give me the glory then?” I was a little shocked at first, but it was such a cool thing to learn. That even as I’m PRAYING for something like God to move, I can still make it about me.
So, I’m thankful for such an incredible weekend with friends and awesome girls, and I’m thankful for what the Lord is teaching me!



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