thoughts on college.

i’ve been in college for oh, a semester and about 6 weeks. i’m definitely not a pro on the matter, but i’m getting used to the college scene. but, a few things will always strike me as odd.

1. not praying at the beginning of class–to me, a kid who was in Christian school all my life, class doesn’t feel like it’s officially started until someone prays. back at ACS, we prayed at the beginning of every single class. don’t worry if you’ve prayed 6 times already that day, that was how you started class. it’s SO weird to me that i don’t do that in college.

2. not having to ask to go to the bathroom–it’s still a little odd that if i have the urge to use the bathroom, i can just hop up and go. i asked my French professor (who happens to be my French teacher from high school) tonight if i could go the bathroom and she said, “you’re not in high school anymore! you don’t have to ask.” Weird.

3. not having a personal relationship with your teachers/professors–surprisingly, i know two of my six professors this semester. one is my French teacher from high school, as i mentioned above, and the other, my Wellness professor, is my old boss/good friend/big “sister”/the list can go on. the two of them know all about my life, but the others don’t. i’m used to texting/facebooking teachers, telling them all of my life problems, etc. not so in college!

that’s about it. in other news, i’m ridiculously sick and it’s killing me. just wanted to post some thoughts!


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