an epiphany? maybe.

So, I’m currently sitting in my fifteen year old cousin’s bedroom which just blows my mind in and of itself. The fact that he’s fifteen kills me a bit–I still think of him as that cute little six year old! (I guess I’m getting old). His voice is even cracking! Anyway, I’m in South Florida spending time with my mom’s sister and her family before we head out on the cruise tomorrow morning. It’s been more fun that I thought it would be; I do always love hanging out with my aunt. She’s one of the godliest ladies I know! But, back to the point.

We’ve been driving around all over–we went to the beach, a farmer’s market, a Walgreen’s, etc. I actually didn’t go the beach, but as I’ve been driving or riding in the car I’ve noticed just how different South Florida is compared to the AUG. It’s sort of, well…junky. The homes are super tiny and right on top of each other. The shops on the streets aren’t all that nice looking, and you tend to feel like you’re in a bad part of town when in reality you just aren’t in the rich part.
The biggest thing that got me today was when I was at Walgreen’s. Man, I could rant about this for hours! But, I’m not going to. I didn’t quite get the fact that the lady at the checkout counter didn’t say hello. I’m so used to the “Hey, how are you doing?/Let me tell you my life story in a few seconds” at the counter. Nope, not here. It’s just like I’m up North.
Epiphany? Stay in the South. No matter how “great” the beach may seem, I’m never moving down here.
P.S. I can’t wait to get home! 

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