a new role.

Each semester, I look forward to the “new” roles that I get to play during the year. Last semester, I was stretched sort of thin—I was a student, a daughter, an employee (of 3 different places!), a volunteer, a friend, a babysitter, you get the point. I enjoyed working at my job that I’ve had for the past 3 years, at the Family Life Center at the church. I also got some “secular” work experience at a gift shop for a few months, and I worked in the preschool department of our church all last semester. I loved being able to love on those babies, not to mention the little boy I babysit was in the room I worked in. So, I really looked forward to Tuesday mornings. I love loving on them!

Unfortunately, this semester I was unable to work in the preschool department due to my class schedule. I kept working at the church in the gym, but not at the gift shop. I haven’t been able to babysit in a few weeks, so ultimately I haven’t gotten the chance to pour out to anyone. The other day, the youth pastor at my church/my big “brother”/a good friend, Grant, asked me to help teach a Sunday School Class. It’s during the second hour with middle school girls. This requires me to stop going to the church service I go to with all my friends and go to the earlier one. Waaaaaaaayyyyy out of my comfort zone. But, I knew it was the thing that the Lord wanted me to do.

Tonight, at the church, we had Small Group Leadership Training. I was literally dreading it. I had a million other things I could do, but I knew I had made this commitment, so I had to go. Despite my earlier hesitations, I was very encouraged by everyone in the student ministry leadership. When I was introduced as a new teacher, the ladies sitting around me whispered sweet things to me, and I even got a few “claps” out of the men. It’s weird being the youngest there, but I know it’s what God has for me. I’m looking forward to this new role in my life.

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