is this really what i want to do with my life?

Yes, I had one of those moments. Definitely not the first during this first year of college, but definitely the first of this year.

My dear sweet friend Mary Beth came to see me at work the other day. We were talking and she goes, “So, you still thinking about transferring to UGA?”
(My goal was to get through two years at ASU, then transfer into the Grady School of Communications and Journalism at UGA for my last two years). I looked at her and said, “I honestly don’t know.”

She just sort of laughed; it was a typical conversation that the two of us had had plenty of times before! That night once I got home from work, I started looking at UGA’s programs and ASU’s programs and UF’s programs. I just had no clue what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

So, I did some research and I realized I should probably change my major to Business Management, instead of the Communications major I am now. At the start of the summer of 2010, I had originally wanted to become an Event Planner. The major of Business Management would be the thing for me. But that requires that I take calculus. That is like death in a class for me. Literally. 

Then, I had the realization that maybe, just maybe the major I entered college with, Early Childhood Education, may be what I should go for. I had a nice long talk with the parental units about it tonight, and they were super encouraging. Now I’m just praying for the Lord to show me what it is HE wants me to do. It’s SO hard because I’m such a planner, and this is not like my personality at all. Having to wait is hard; knowing that God’s going to show up when He wants gets me through it all! 


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