"i completely forgot about him!"

tonight, as i was driving one of my dear friends Daniel to Campus Outreach, he was talking about one of our other friends who is off at UGA. i looked at Daniel and said, “you know, i completely forgot about him! i don’t remember the last time we even talked. how is he?” Daniel laughed and was like, “Ashton, how can you forget about one of your best friends?”

i felt semi-awful admitting that i had done such a thing. but, its the truth. except for a facebook message between the fabulous five and a text here or there with a few others, i haven’t kept up with my best friends at all this semester. i barely have enough time to sleep, let alone update my blog which I had gotten pretty good about doing over Christmas break. i’m taking 18 hours this semester. yes, you read that right.
18 hours. 
not my brightest idea. i’ve stayed ridiculously busy, but i’m happy to report, i have done well on eating much more healthy these past few days! a granny smith apple with a little bit of peanut butter has become my new favorite snack on Tuesdays/Thursdays between 2:15 & 4.

anyway, i’m sorry dear blog for forgetting you. you weren’t the only one. i’m hoping to do a better job this semester!


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