My First White Christmas.

The plan for Christmas this year was for the family to wake up a little earlier than normal (we never do Christmas before 11 AM in my house), open presents, go to our friends’ house for lunch, then me leave their house to head to Alabama for my Christmas with my BD and his family. Well, Mom woke me up at 7:45 as my Dad was coming back home with my grandma. We all ate breakfast and read parts of the Bible together, then headed to the living room for present time! After we were done opening presents, I went to my room to grab my phone. I had a text from my BD that said “Merry Christmas…we have 1 and a half inches of snow on the ground…you still coming?” My heart sunk. I knew that my Mom would probably not let me go. She freaks out enough about me going to Alabama when it’s a typical day. So me driving for 6 hours + snow would be a definite no from Mom. I went back in the living room and told my parents. Dad said it was okay as long as I was super careful. So, a few hours later I was headed to Alabama.

In my opinion, my trip is broken up in three parts: the drive from Augusta to Atlanta (2 hours), the drive from Atlanta to Birmingham (2 hours), and the drive from Birmingham to Huntsville (2 hours). I usually stop in Atlanta and Birmingham due to my super small bladder πŸ™‚ The drive from Augusta to Atlanta wasn’t too bad. There was mainly rain, but no snow. But once I hit Atlanta, it turned into that awful snow/rain mix. I thought I was NEVER going to get to Huntsville! I stopped in Birmingham at a gas station and the whole thing seemed so surreal to me. Driving to my family on Christmas Day, snow everywhere…it seemed like something out of a Hallmark movie to me. Plus, I was spending CHRISTMAS with my biological family. Yeah, this had to be out of a movie!

I got to Huntsville and it was beautiful! Snow was everywhere. It was a White Christmas that I had never seen anything like before. My family and I had a really good Christmas dinner and we hung out a lot that night. The next morning, we woke up to like 3 more inches of snow! It was gorgeous. That afternoon, I had a snowball fight with my two cousins who are 5 and 6. It was something I’ll always remember.

Let’s just say this was one of the most different Christmases I’ve ever had, but I loved every part of it!

my cousin Jackson and me BEFORE our snowball fight πŸ™‚
Jackson making a snowball
JP’s super cute face, but he nailed me with that snowball right after I took this!

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