it’s the simple things.

today, i bought the cutest jacket at Old Navy. it’s one of those peacoats, that goes to your knees, and it’s navy. i absolutely adore it. i came home and told my mom about it and wore it around the house for a solid 40 minutes.

it hit me that it’s the simple things in life that help me go through my crazy day to day life. it freaked me out that i’m going to Alabama on Saturday. i haven’t seen my BD and his family since June so i’m sort of nervous. plus i’m meeting some of the family that i’ve never met before. yeah, i’m freaking out.

but, then i look at the cute starbucks cup that my gift card is in that my big “brother” Drew gave me today for Christmas and it makes me smile. i see my little tree in the corner of my room and i smile again. i see ALL the pictures in my room of my precious best friends and i smile some more.

i realize that it is really the simple things that mean the most to me.

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