facebook fast, day 1.

i’ve fasted from things before. one time, my mom and i fasted from all carbonated drinks to remember to pray for this girl who was suffering from this nasty disease. i honestly can’t remember the name of the disease now, but i do remember spending about a month in 2007 without coke so that i could pray for her healing. i took a facebook fast earlier this year, for about a week. in all honesty, that doesn’t sound like much to me. i remember being a little girl and hearing my grandpa saying how he was going to fast for like 40 days or something crazy like that. i remember thinking, “wow. that is so cool. he’s being like Jesus!” i think if i told my grandpa that i was “facebook fasting” he would be so completely confused. the man can barely access his e-mail, let alone understand what facebook is. anyway, i took a break back in september so that i could get my priorities straight and so that i wouldn’t see certain things that i knew i would see if i was on facebook.  i knew it was something i had to do. and i honestly didn’t miss facebook. i spent my time catching up on some reading, spending a little more time on Twitter 🙂 and spending more time with Jesus.
this time is a little different. my reasons for facebook fasting are different. my priorities are still a little wack, but i have finals this week and next so i decided it would be best if i didn’t have the distraction of facebook. and honestly, as sad as it sounds, i miss it! i miss seeing the random things that my friends post, seeing pictures, even changing my status. i guess i’m a little obsessed…which is awful. i didn’t miss facebook in Panama nor a few months ago. hopefully, i won’t miss it too much tomorrow.


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