parties and people and presents and purchases and problems and projects.

so, Thanksgiving has come and gone. my Thanksgiving was surprisingly stress free and fun. my family enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with another sweet family that we are really good friends with. i enjoyed having something completely different than i’ve ever had before.

i didn’t go out and take part in the Black Friday MADNESS. i did make a few purchases on Friday–one at Target around 11 AM, after the early morning crowd was at home asleep, and one at Surcie, the gift shop where i work.

i saw people on Saturday. people with whom i made plans to party with and exchange presents with. people with whom i can tend to have problems with how our projects are going to take place. people who are, no matter what, precious to me.

as i was lying in the bed Saturday night, the stress that comes with the month of December hit me. i have only three days of classes left and four days of finals. that brings enough stress in and of itself. this coming weekend, i’m going to Florida to see my family. i’m super excited to see them, but being away for a weekend brings more stress. then i have three days of finals, and my friends from college will start to come home. that’s when the parties begin. ahh, December will be FUN but CRAZY.

i prayed last night for the Lord to just calm my nerves. today’s sermon at church was perfect. our teaching pastor preached on “Seasonal Attention Deficit Disorder” and how we tend to get caught up in the stuff instead of the Savior. so, as i begin these next few crazy weeks, i’m going to try my hardest to stay in perspective, keep Christ first, and then go on with my life. i encourage you to do the same!


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