life is precious.

this week, i have been reminded how precious and fragile life really is.

a sweet, sweet family that is dear to my heart has just lost one of their sons, one of their brothers. while seeing status updates on facebook and encouraging wall posts, my heart has been broken for this family. i cannot even begin to imagine what this family is feeling and what they are going through. i know that the Lord is giving them a “peace that passes all understanding” but i still cannot begin to fathom the pain and the hurt they are going through.

after a week of praying for this sweet family and seeing that God’s will was different than what we all wanted, i was able to spend time with some of the biggest blessings in my life. i was able to surprise one of my best friends, and i was able to just hang out, something none of us have gotten to do since SUMMER. i found myself realizing how blessed i am, and i was so thankful for these sweet people that love me so. i guess the time is right for me to realize how grateful i am–i mean Thanksgiving is in just five days.

so, even though i know i will probably take life for granted again, i’m super thankful for the reminder i got this week at how precious it really is.

(and if you get a chance, send a prayer to the Lord for this sweet family i know!)


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