Jittery Joe’s, Athens, and Mollie Kate.

I went to Athens this past weekend with my friend Leah to see our friend Hannah. While I was there, I was able to go to coffee with my dear sweet friend, Mollie Kate.

Athens has formed a place in my heart; part of it has to do with the fact that three of my closest friends live there and another part of it has to do with Athens itself.  I love any place that I can get around and feel confident in where I am going. I just like getting to know a place well enough that it’s formed a place in my heart.  Places like Athens and Hilton Head and Huntsville are all places like this.  So, while I was in Athens, a place called Jittery Joe’s formed a little tiny spot in my heart.

I met Mollie Kate the day after graduation.  It was her first day as an intern at the church, and she was serving drinks at our graduation brunch.  I knew who she was–her sister, Micah, is my youth pastor’s wife and during the course of my senior year, I got very close to her. So, I knew that if Mollie Kate was anything like Micah (which she is) then I would love her. And I do, oh so much!

Over the summer, Mollie Kate became one of those kindred spirits like Anne Shirley and Diana Barry were in the Anne of Green Gables’ series.  Mollie Kate also known as Mollie or MKate to me is one of the most precious beings of God’s creation.  She has one of the most generous and loving spirits of any person I have ever met.  She has the amazing ability to not only hear what it is I am saying, but to listen and remember all of my crazy life stories. She accepts me for who I am–and that is a daughter of the Most High God.

Mollie encouraged me a lot at Jittery Joe’s this past Friday night.  She took me to a place that I now love, in a town that I love, and loved me unconditionally.  She showed me how selfless a person who is devoted to Jesus Christ can be.  Mollie Kate became even more of an example to me of how love is poured out through one who loves Jesus Christ. I just hope that one day I can be more like Mollie.

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