be yo self.

i’m having an issue these past few days with “being myself”. i have this situation in my life that i have made super awkward. i have this friend that i’ve been beyond awkward with lately, and i’ve been trying super hard to fix it. i’ve been praying, seeking wise counsel, and definitely thinking about it a lot. i talked to my mom about it a lot and she kept saying, “just be yourself, ashton. that’s all you can do anyway.” but i decided to keep being awkward, and it really bothered me how this situation was being handled on both ends. so tonight, after some more wise counsel, i decided to be myself. and it was the smartest thing i’ve ever done. i don’t know why it surprised me so much that once i was finally myself, everything would be okay. God created me to be me and not somebody else. so when i finally embraced the true and beautiful creation that God had made me to be, not a second class version of something else, everything went okay. i just wanted to share with you the little thing i learned today, and that is to be yo self. 


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