thoughts from aunt a.

i have many roles in my life.
one of the greatest and one of my most favorite, is my role as “Aunt Ashton” or “Aunt A”. i love my nephew Jack; he’s the most important boy in my life right now 🙂

anyway, last night i was at the church for our annual Halloween Family Festival thing and Jack was there. For a while, I took him around and played with him. it was finally time for them to go and i was holding Jack. i went to give him back to his dad, Graham, and he clung to me. At first, i thought it was sweet that Jack knows me well enough to want to stay with me. Graham jokingly said, “Fine, Jack. Stay with Aunt A. See if Aunt A is the one who wakes up with you if you’re sick during the night. Go back with Aunt A for a little bit.”

I laughed and Jack and I went back to the gym so he could play some more. I thought about what Graham had said as the night went on, even once I got home and it struck me that the way Jack treated his Daddy is how we sort of treat God. we see something good and fun, in this case it was me for Jack, and when we have to go back to God, we say “NO” and cling to our sin. Yet in reality, our sin isn’t the thing that’s going to be there when we’re in trouble during the middle of the night. Our sin isn’t going to scoop us up when we fall and scrape our knee and start crying. That’s only something that our Daddy God can do.

so, even when i was being Aunt A last night, i learned a lot about my Daddy God. something that should never cease to amaze me.

just a kiss from my favorite boy 🙂

One thought on “thoughts from aunt a.

  1. Wow, you hear this type of concept lots of times, but sometimes it sticks more than others. this was encouraging to hear and enlightening.

    beautifully wrote, best friend.

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