as of late.

it’s been a while, dear blog.

school and life have kept me crazy busy! out of the five weekends in october, i’ve been out of town one and will be for two more and the other two are packed FULL. not to mention every day of the week has a different theme, basically. each day i have major goals that have to be accomplished and going to class seems to be on the bottom of the list some days (unfortunately).

i’m not gonna lie, i love to be busy. i just LOVE it. but i’m not doing such a great job of managing my time wiselyย these days. i never have been good at that, honestly.

these new days of college and “adulthood” are weird. they are just plain weird. i’m not miserable where i’m at but i don’t love where i’m at. i’m in such an odd time of my life. i do have to say though, surprisingly i love augusta. i love this whole different part of it that i’m seeing now that i’m in college. i love being able to come and go, visit different people, see different places of the southeast.

two weekends ago, i visited one of my best friends, Caroline, in Auburn. i have been an Auburn fan since before i could walk. my dad went there, and deep down i always thought i would end up there. i love the school; it’s in my blood. i have Auburn t-shirts, hoodies, stickers on my car, you name it. but over the past few months, after i had decided to stay at ASU and i made the decision to go into PR and get a degree for event planning, i began researching schools that had good PR programs. and Auburn wasn’t one of them. i knew that, deep down, but i guess it didn’t hit me until going there. i now know that Auburn is not the place for me. it’s Caroline’s place; it’s the place my dad went and spent his days.

i decided back at the beginning of this semester that i wanted a place that i could call my own. out of my best friends, Hannah is at GCSU, Chelsea is at Southern, MB is at Mercer, and Sarah’s at Clemson. i know that my college experience will never be what theirs is. but i’m okay with that. and now, as i wait to see where God wants me to go, i’m embracing ASU and loving my time in Augusta ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “as of late.

  1. I'm proud of you ๐Ÿ™‚ and your maturity and the strength in finding your identity in the Lord…

    i love you best friend- thank you for my letter; one should be coming back your way soon, when I find a stamp ๐Ÿ˜›

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