stepping into the land of the unknown.

these days, i feel a lot like the 12 spies that went into the land of Canaan to see what it was like. they were stepping into the land of the unknown. 

and today, i’ve done that. in more ways than one.

the biggest was getting my Mac today. yeah, i’m PRETTY EXCITED! my dad had told me a while back that he would let me get one once i started college, so i’m starting college next week and now i have one 🙂

tonight, i sat at home and ate dinner with my parents. not that by doing that is legitimately “stepping into the land of the unknown” but by doing that, i’m doing something i haven’t done in over two years. as i ate dinner, i thought about it, and i realized that this is what my life is going to be like during the next year, and maybe even the next two years. as much as i love my parents, i feel like i’m taking a step backward instead of forward.

i said goodbye to one of my very best friends in the entire world, Hannah. we’ve known each other since kindergarten. and as much as Hannah needs me, i need her even more. i don’t know what it feels like to go to school without Hannah there. i’m so excited for her, but i’m going to miss her a TON.

i skyped with my Sweet Caroline today for over three hours. yeah, we had LOTS to catch up on even though she’s only been gone for 5 days. i’ve never skyped for that long, and i guess i know that it is something i may be doing later on lots more!

after i got off with Caroline, i skyped with my friend, Corey, for a while. he showed me his dorm, via skype, and it got me thinking…”am i really doing the right thing? what am i going to miss out on?” but, i know that staying in Augusta is what the Lord wants me to do. as hard as it is to grasp or understand.

i’m going to Athens tomorrow to help a friend move in. it’ll be my first time in Dawg Country 🙂 another unknown. i’m pretty excited. i’ll get to see friends, say my official “goodbyes”, and enjoy a day away from Augusta.

i’m nervous and anxious to be stepping into these unknowns. i’m grateful for this time. i’m really ready to see where the Lord takes me next….into a great, big unknown.


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