so in the past week, i have had to say goodbye to three sweet friends, and this week, it gets even worse.

last sunday, i said goodbye to my friend Mollie Kate; she’s a sophomore at UGA, and she was one of the interns this summer at church. we became super close. i may get to see her this wednesday, but still, i miss her a lot. going from seeing her every day to not at all was hard. it is hard.

last thursday, we all said goodbye to our friend from Panama (which, btw, i’ll blog about that later). He was going back to Florida, where his sister lives. even though he was just in town for a week, it’s very weird without him here. the Holy Spirit shines through him greatly; he smiles ALL the time and is the most joyful person i know.

the next day, i said goodbye to my “Sweet Caroline” who was going off to her dream school, Auburn. (War Eagle!) Caroline has been a constant companion since the sixth grade. I drove by her house the next day and not seeing her car almost made me bawl. I’m SO happy for her and what the Lord is going to do through her, but I miss her SO much!

this week, i have a few more goodbyes…people I’ve become better friends with only recently, people I’ve know since K5, high school friends, etc. sometimes I wonder why the Lord brings people into my life to just then take them away soon after they’ve entered. i still don’t have an answer for that, but i’m so grateful for all of these sweet friends of mine and as i say goodbye, all i can do is “Trust in the Lord with all my heart…” (Proverbs 3:5)


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