home for a week. gone for a week. repeat.

so, this past week, i slept and went to work. every day. besides the 12 minutes i spent at the greenjackets game on Monday with Sarah & Mary Beth, and the almost 3 hour long dinner i had with Hannah at poblano’s on Friday, that’s all i did. it was  glorious. just glorious. i scrapbooked some, facebooked a LOT, went shopping, wrote/journaled some, stocked up on pretty much all the presents i needed to get for people during the whole month of June, etc. i have never just relaxed this much. i had nothing i had to do except go to work and go to the Banjo-B-Que on Saturday afternoon to help the people i babysit for.

i learned a lot this week, even though i didn’t do much of anything. as i type this, i’m reminded of what Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” SO true! i feel like i got deeper with the Lord this week in different ways than I could ever really imagine. but it was good. 

the next 4 weeks of my life are going to be CRAZY. crazy good, though.

i leave tomorrow morning for AMPED! it’s our church summer camp! it’s gonna be at Camp Cedar Cliff in Asheville which is where our senior retreat was. i’m pretty pumped! it’s weird because i’m a senior and it’ll be my last youth camp. PLUS, i’m the only senior girl going, which will be weird, but cool at the same time. i still have NO idea what i’m going to say at our “Senior Farewell” Night. maybe that’s a good thing. haha. : )

next Sunday we have Panama practice all. day. long. which is good, but so energy draining. i know the Lord is getting me prepared for Panama, but i think since i have SO many other things before then, it hasn’t hit me yet that i’m really going to Panama, but it will in due time. we’re also performing the drama before the church that Sunday night, which will be cool, but semi nerve wracking!

the next week i’m home, but it won’t be as chill as this past week. we have our first high school Bible Study that thursday, a birthday party for 2 of my friends, work/take care of the nephew, etc. i’m pretty pumped about hanging with the Jackster! haha.

after that, i go to the BEACH! sooo ready for that : ) then i come home from the beach, and literally hours later, i’m on my way to alaBAMA! pretty pumped to go there. not looking too forward to the 6 hour drive i get to make, but it’s worth it : ) i’m already trying to get prayed up for that trip. my emotions are going to be running high, but i’m so, so ready to see what the Lord has in store for me there! the one thing i’m scared about is golf. i’m going golfing. i really wish that i would have it on video for everyone back home to see, but they can all probably already have mental pictures of what that will look like…haha.

so ready to see what God has in store for me in these next few BUSY weeks, but so thankful for this chill week i had last week!


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