..i’ve been frazzled. yep, that’s the best word to describe me. at least for today.

i had my last two exams at ACS yesterday and i was officially DONE. no more homework to turn in, no more tests to take, nothing left for me to do at ACS. except a few things…haha.
i woke up today at 11:20. 11:20. Really?!?! I was supposed to be somewhere at 10, so obviously that didn’t happen. Which made me feel awful because it was with someone that I really wanted to see. Oh well, life happens. But, I had to be at Olive Garden at 12. Which gave me all of 40 minutes to shower, dry my thick mane of hair, put on make up, get ready, etc. As I finally left the house at 11:57 (thankfully, Olive Garden is only like 5 minutes away) I saw a text from Samuel from 11:24 that said “Where are you?”. I called him and I was like this doesn’t start until noon, right? Thankfully, he had gotten the times confused, not me, but I was so frazzled by the time I got to Olive Garden. I kept trying to talk to Dr. B and my words got all jumbled up and I felt like a moron. Lunch with him was really good and it was relaxing and really bittersweet. As the five of us sat there for the last time we would have lunch with Dr. B, it was odd to think about. My time at ACS was and is really coming to an end.
I raced to school after lunch to give Mr. Rutherford and Mme. their gifts, which was really bittersweet as well. I walked into Mme’s room for the real “last” time. She opened my gift and almost started crying, which made me almost cry.
I’ve gotta go to school tomorrow to show the new student council secretary how to do the job I’ve done for the past two years. Giving that up is honestly one of the hardest things for me to do. I’m really going to miss it.
It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been scrapbooking a lot lately and remembering all the memories I’ve made this year. I think I’m ready for this next chapter in my life. I’m really going to miss everyone at ACS and everything that’s been in my life for the past eight years.

We leave on Thursday morning for New Orleans! I’m excited!!! Next Friday is graduation rehearsal/luncheon, C’s Party, the family comes in town…then graduation is Saturday, Sunday is church graduation, Panama training, another party, etc. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

It’s craziness, but God’s really been teaching me to just enjoy the moment, to still be with Him, no matter how much I have to do. 


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