i have two legit weeks of high school left.


so surreal.
prom was AMAZING! definitely the best augusta christian prom ever! i had sooo much fun. it was the first formal “event” that i didn’t have a meltdown before. which was cool in a way, because it was just another reminder of how much God has changed me this year. i’ve been able to see Him work in me in so many different ways this whole year and prom was just another one of them. drew picked me up, which by the way, he was a fun date and there was NO awkwardness there at all! another blessing in disguise!!! we went over to another drew’s house where like the WHOLE senior class was there to eat dinner and take pictures. it was sooo fun. we went to prom and it was better than i had expected. afterwards, our “group” went back to chelsea’s and hung out all night long.  a classic tradition of ours that i’m going to miss a lot!

this week went by relatively quickly! a few of us went to the baseball game on thursday; it was nice to watch the boys beat our rival, westminister. the group went to the musical on friday night. it was hilarious!! probably the best augusta christian musical i’ve ever been to! we hung out afterwards at brusters. lot’s of fun times. on saturday, mary beth and i took our moms to the musical because it was that good. later she, sarah, and i went graduation dress shopping. it really hit me then. we have such little time left together.

i’m ready to get through this week! our skip day is the next week which is going to be a blast!!!! i cannot wait for our mission trip, graduation & getting to see the family, summer camp with church, the beachhhh, and back to alabama! panama is in july, buy i’m really looking forward to it as well.

i’m ready to be done though. this door is slowly but surely closing. i know God will reveal His path to me in time, but it’s hard having to wait for it.


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