it has been just one of those weeks.

you know, those weeks where you feel like you haven’t been productive at all? those weeks where you feel like you take three steps forward and 300 steps backward? yeah, that’s the sort of week i’ve had.

i was refreshed after Easter Weekend/Spring Break. i had had some really great family time, as crazy busy as it was. i learned a WHOLE lot about me, where i came from, why i do some of the things i do, etc. plus, i went to the beach with four of the world’s greatest friends. (minus one who should’ve been there! it’s ok, though. we still love her!) but, it was a really great ten-ish days or so.

the minute i stepped back in those doors on monday morning, it all came crashing down. it’s like Satan was just WAITING to attack me. ughhh. i totally thought i would never get through this week. like, the thing that kills me the most, is that i’ve been sitting through class after class doing absolutely nothing. most of our teachers have checked out already and almost everyday they say, “study hall okay with y’all? good.” i’m sick of being so unproductive. 

prom is tomorrow. i’m really excited! it’s going to be a lot of fun 🙂

oh, and we graduate from high school 5 weeks from tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!


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