i like to cross things off of lists.

i really do. i know, i know, it’s an odd obsession, but i honestly find pleasure in writing a list of things i have to do and being able to cross each thing off, one by one.
this week has been SO busy and filled with tons to do every waking moment! it’s a four day week because of Good Friday, spring break is NEXT WEEK, i have a field trip wednesday so i’m having to do all this work early PLUS i’m going to birmingham on wednesday after school so i’m missing school thursday. besides having to be a “diligent” student and turn work in on time, today was my dad’s 50th birthday! craziness! 
after birthday celebration at Carrabba’s, which btw was amazing, i had to work on my ap stat project with clayton. it took like 3 hours. 3 miserable hours. i thought it would never be over. while working on it, i was crossing things off on my planner or thinking of ALL the other things i needed to do. i had so many things i had yet to do before i left tomorrow. clayton was like “why do you worry so much?”

whoa, whoa, whoa, what did he just say to me? yeah, that’s what i was thinking. i’m super organized, but by being organized i realize all of the things that i need to do and haven’t yet done. i don’t think i really answered the question, but ultimately God did make me the way i am. He did make me to be this super crazy organized woman that helps everyone remember what to do, when to be places, where to go, and when to even eat. but he did call me not to worry. 

C.S. Lewis puts it magnificently when he writes, “Anxiety is not only a pain which we must ask God to assuage–but also a weakness we must ask Him to pardon–for He’s told us to take no care for the morrow.”

This week is the week of Christ’s death and resurrection, this is the time that we should remember the most about what He did for us, and here i am worrying about when i’m going to paint my toenails?!?! (which, btw, i’ll do on the way to b’ham tomorrow because mom said she would drive some) BUT seriously, Christ did not call me to worry. He called me to trust.

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