this past week at school, i was in a happy/good mood all week. if anything “bad” happened, i moved on and was just happy. i thought about it a lot, because i did have a lot of things to be happy about, but usually that would last a day or so. i’m happy about spring break–going to B’ham & the beach, about prom, about New Orleans, graduation, CAMP CEDAR CLIFF, the middle school mission trip where I’m going to be a leader, and MEXICO!!! and, i’m happy about life.

that’s the key. “Be joyful in all circumstances…”

i have loved just about every second of this week, and it hasn’t even been that spectacular. but, like in Deuteronomy, where it talks about choosing life or death, the Lord says to choose life. when you choose life, ultimately, i think, you choose happiness. i chose to be happy this week. i’m going to keep choosing that every day. the Lord has blessed me with SO much; i can at least be joyful and be DIFFERENT and show others the true joy that I have because of Christ.


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