is in less than 3 months.

wow. i can hardly believe that my time at augusta christian is going to be OVER in 3 months. it’s so weird. i can barely believe that in 3 months, i’ll never have to write a poetry response again, i’ll never have to get an admit slip from the office again, i’ll never have to take an intense AP stat test again, i’ll never be in another chapel on tuesday mornings at 8:47 a.m., etc. there’s so many things i’ll never have to do again. this routine of augusta christian has been in my blood for over 8 years. almost half of my life has been there. half of the life that i remember has been there.

i hung out with some of my friends last night. it hit me that we won’t be doing that in about 6 months. i cannot begin to imagine my life without them. as much as i am ready to get the next chapter of my life started, it’s going to be weird to see this one end…

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