think before you speak.

how many times in a single day do we open our mouths without thinking about what is going to come out of it next? too many times to count. recently, i opened my mouth pretty large and said a bunch of things i should not have. i’m experiencing the painful consequences now. i mean, God did give us TWO ears and ONE mouth for a reason, right?!?!

i know that when i’m going through lots of pain sometimes, i wonder what i did wrong and why God is punishing me.  but sometimes, we didn’t do a big thing wrong, and we still go through lots of pain.  i know i completely messed up in this certain situation in my life, and i’m reaping what i sowed, but what about those times when you didn’t do a huge major thing and you’re still experiencing a lot of pain?! i mean, we’re definitely not all perfect by any, any means, but do you ever just wonder why God is allowing you to go through all that pain?

well, to sum it all up, here’s a quote from my youth pastor, “Sometimes, God is allowing you to go through lots of pain because He’s preparing you for a lot of purpose.”

think before you speak. it will save you a lot of pain. but, sometimes the pain will make you better in the long run.


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